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Bruce A. Campbell, PhD

Bruce and Sophia CampbellWhen I was in grade school I was sure I was going to be an architect.  I loved to build models and I even designed my future house (which had a billliard room, as I recall).  In high school, my ambition shifted somehwhat, into engineering.  I recall taking the MMPI in grade 9 and feeling disgusted that my aptitude was for social work.  I felt such pity for those testers who had misunderstood me so completely.

I ended up doing my doctoral work in Political Behavior, the study of public opinion, voting and political socialization.  I taught in the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia for 12 years and because of my research interest in large-scale public opinion surveys, ended up as the Director of the Survey Research Center.

Abut this time, my marriage ended and with that kick in the pants, I began to explore what I would call personal growth, which to me meant getting in touch with my inner reality; my feelings and my heart’s yearnings.  This process began in 1977, as I started to take workshops and courses of different kinds, courses on communication, anger, couples and relationships and most of all, feelings.

I moved to Vancouver in 1983 and founded a market research company, which I managed for the next 20 years.  But I did not give up my interest in self development.  Eventually, I became involved in a group that was dedicated to bringing these personal skills into the business world and around the year 2000, I began a practice of corporate coaching, under the name of Argus Strategies, Ltd.  I continued this work until I left Vancouver in 2008, relocating to southern Utah.

In 2010 I was introduced to Compassionate Communication.  Marshall Rosenberg’s work had a profound effect on me, as it seemed to pull together all the disparate strands of learning that I had experienced for the previous 30-odd years.  Since that time, I have taken a dozen or more workshops and courses in Compassionate Communication, totalling more class-room time that I spend getting my doctorate.  More recently, in 2015, I served as an Assistant Trainer in the Leadership Program sponsored by the Bay Area NVC.

With my wife, Sohia, I began teaching Compassionate Communication in 2011 and for the first three years, we taught at the local free university, the Institute for Continued Learning.  In 2014, we created our company, Making Life More Wonderful, LLC and continued teaching, offering courses to the wider community. We also offer a practice group to graduates of our courses, which given students the opportunity to polish their skills.

I also offer individual counseling and mediation, through the NVC process known as “slow-motion conversation.” My passion is to bring the skills of Compassionate Communication to younger couples, especially those who are going through the difficult period of child-rearing.

I am also a Candidate for Certification as a Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, a designation offered by the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Sophia Campbell, MA

I have been a school teacher for 40 years; more than half my life!!  I taught k-6 in California and then went back to school, at Calif. State, Northridge, to earn a Masters degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Education of the Deaf.  Upon graduation, I was then was recruited to the Utah State School for the Deaf, where I taught k-12 for 30 years.  I retired to St George, Utah.

I also have more than  20 years’ experience and training in different healing moralities. I became a Reki Master and had a Reki practice for several years.  I graduated from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism after 3 years training with a certificate in Spiritual Healing and Counseling.  I had a practice for 5 years in one on one counseling using the Sufi Healing methods I learned.

I am now deeply committed to learning and teaching Compassionate Communication.  I have had 50 plus days of training over the last 5 years from Certified Nonviolent Communication trainers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Ohio.

Over the last 6 years I have taught classes, and workshops, with my husband Bruce, using the ideas of Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication”.  I also co-facilitate Compassionate Communication practice groups with my husband and I offer individual counseling, using all the training I have had in Nonviolent Communication as well as the training I have had in healing and counseling.

I specialize in using art and Compassionate Communicationto promote healing as well as working with the “inner child”.

My greatest passion is to co-create peace within myself and in relationships through Compassionate Communication.

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