How We Meet Anger

Read a new article that Sophia has written for “The Independent”, published in St George, Utah in the August issue. The article is about how we meet anger.
“Behind anger, there is a vision or longing for what we want. That longing arises from a need, held in the heart, that is not being met or even recognized.”

I took a nap with my grandaughter the other day and I woke up early and tip toed out of the room. She came out an hour later. She had her fists on her hips and shelooked at me with sleepy eyes that were squinted and angry looking. She stuck her tounge out at me. Before I learned NVC, I would have said; “How dare you stick out your tongue at Grandma! That is not nice!
This time I met her with compassion and curiosity. I said, “Are you feeling angry at Grandma because you wanted me to stay with you in the bed till you woke up?” She gave me a resounding, “Yes!” Then her body relaxed. Her hands dropped, her face cleared and she asked for a snack. That was so awesome to see how fast the anger energy dissipated by simply meeting her anger with compassion and curiosity.

Angry Girl

Bruce&Sophia CampbellHow We Meet Anger

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  1. Cindy

    I enjoyed this example of meeting anger with compassion and curiosity! It meets my need for inspiration! Thank you Sophia!

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